How Long Will Brian Kelly Stay At Notre Dame?

By Corey Elliot
Brian Spurlock-US Presswire

Notre Dame Head coach Brian Kelly was interviewed by the Philadelphia Eagles this past off-season but he passed on the opportunity.

How long will it take, though? How long will it take until Kelly bails on the Irish for the NFL? Don’t be silly, folks. He will indeed leave Notre Dame for the NFL it is just a matter of time.

Kelly is not the type of coach that is going to be synonymous with a school and a part of its identity. He came to Notre Dame when he was a hot name after leading Cincinnati to a BCS bowl game and, in my opinion, losing to Alabama in the national championship game is the only thing that kept him grounded in South Bend.

If the Irish had won the national championship Kelly would be getting ready for the NFL draft deciding what to do with Mike Vick. It will probably be a season or two before the Irish are back in a national title race and it will probably be even harder when that time comes back around because of the playoff system in place for 2014. My guess is if the Irish are still competing like they did last year and keeping the losses to a minimum Kelly will get more NFL interviews and eventually take the best situation that presents itself.

Nothing against Notre Dame because it is a highly sought after job; it’s Notre Dame. But at the end of the day, it’s the NFL and Kelly has what it takes.

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