Evaluating David Ash's Performance In Texas Longhorns Spring Game

By Spenser Walters
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The Texas Longhorns wrapped up their spring game, the Orange-White scrimmage, just a few hours ago and while it was just a scrimmage there were some important things to take away from the event. Discussions could, and will, be had about a number of different positions on the football field, but the one that should be focused on first is the quarterback position.

The QB position at Texas has been an intriguing subject surrounded by a lot of question marks since Colt McCoy graduated. Even last season, when early on it was thought that the controversy talks were over and that the Longhorns finally had a go to guy, the discussion about who should be under center kicked up again. For 2013 though the argument has ended; David Ash is the man for Texas, and will be until he graduates following the 2014 season.

I know that Ash starting has been assumed to be the case since the end of the Alamo Bowl, but Ash really cemented the fact that it is his job during the spring game. There will always be people who doubt whether Ash should start as long as there is a guy with the name McCoy on the back of his jersey on the sidelines, but it is time to shut up and trust the Texas QB. The statement issued by the play of Case McCoy at the Orange-White game was “I’m a back-up quarterback”, the one Ash sent out was “This is my offense and I am going to win a lot of games with it.” The only discussion left to have at QB in Austin is who the #3 guy should be.

Ash led the ‘Horns new up-tempo style of offense down the field on several impressive drives Saturday night at Darrell K Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium. He tossed two touchdown passes and made some plays with his legs, which hopefully means that Texas will be utilizing both Ash’s legs and arm to their full potential in 2013. He did throw one interception, and technically had a second one on a poorly thought out flip-pass while scrambling up the field, but mistakes will happen when a QB tries to do too much.

Ash showed that he has matured by tucking and running a few times, or dumping it off to his tight ends when there was nothing open deep. It is only spring so it is natural that he would make a couple bad decisions. The deep pick was a nice read by the DB, and as he gets more comfortable with running the ball Ash will learn to hold on to the rock and run rather than try something like that flip. Ash has a better team around him going into this season than in 2012, so hopefully Texas will be able to avoid games like last year’s version of the Red River Shootout (Rivalry) where things collapsed and Ash had to try and force plays.

Ash even looked as if he beefed up during his months off. I noticed some added muscle in his legs and arms, which gives me further hope that we will see Ash run the ball more often and with more success in the coming season. Ash will never be as great of a runner as Colt McCoy or Vince Young, but he has some talent as a rusher and the added size should help him when he lowers his shoulder to bust through a tackle.

David Ash is positioned to finally live up to his potential in 2013. He has a good O-line that seems to be gelling nicely, some good targets to throw to, and a full stable of crazy talented running backs to help keep the pressure off of the passing game. Ash will hands down be the best QB in the Big 12 this coming season.

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