Vince Young Should Not Have Worked Out At Texas Longhorns Pro Day

By Spenser Walters
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I’m fairly certain that this article will be considered blasphemy by my fellow Texas Longhorns fans, so allow me to preface what I have to say with this: I love Vince Young. Now that that is out there let me get to what is on my mind: Vince Young should not have worked out at Texas’ Pro Day.

As every sports media outlet has discussed since then, Young worked out and tossed about 50 passes at the Longhorns’ Pro Day. As I said I love Vince and I think he deserves a shot at getting back into the NFL. The guy has proven he has talent and is ready to prove that he can put it all together and help lead a team that is looking for a QB, but the place to try and send that message from is not the Pro Day of the university you left following the 2005 season.

When universities hold Pro Days it is so that their players who are preparing to enter the draft can strut their stuff and try to better their stock. It isn’t so that players who have been out of the program for just short of a decade can try to re-ignite their professional careers. I’m glad that Young is trying to get back into the NFL but this was the wrong place and the wrong time to try and show that you can be of value to a team.

Young is a Longhorns legend, but he should have set up a private workout with his trainers and had his agent invite representative from teams around the NFL to come and see what Young has to offer. That is how most professional athletes handle being a free agent and trying to get a team to court them. By working out at Texas’ Pro Day Young may have actually hurt his stock.

Hovering around the program like this is great for the fans because they get to see the man who won them their last National Championship, but it could be bad for Young as it shows that he is not ready to leave the past in the past and move forward with his career. If the message that Young wants to send is “I’m ready to start a new chapter in my football career”, then he needs to distance himself from where he has been and focus on where he is going. I’m not saying he can never be seen in Austin or near Texas Football again, but he needs to stick to sideline appearances and coin flipping rather than workout with recent graduates.

Again, I love Vince Young and think that he has the talent to be an NFL quarterback, but working out at Texas’ Pro Day was a wrong time, wrong place kind of scenario.

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