California Golden Bears Recruiting Top Talent

By Jonathan Comeaux
Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

If the University of California‘s past coaching staff did one thing correct, which was recruiting. In 2012, Cal almost brought in the nations top recruiting class. If it wasn’t for a defection to the University of Washington by top-recruiter Tosh Lupoi, things might have turned out that way.

Cal has reeled off a top 35 recruiting class in each of the past four years, with their top rank being 11th in 2010. You might be asking: how does a school with a past of such mediocrity have the ability of recruiting so well? To that I answer with: have you ever been to Berkeley? Actually, if you have ever lived in the Bay Area at some point in your life–it wouldn’t surprise you that so many kids want to be out there.

With the new coaching staff, a big expectation from Golden Bear fans is the ability to attain a top 25 recruiting class each season. According to, head coach Sonny Dykes and his staff are making headway with four-star recruits Joe Mixon, Damien Mama, Troy Vincent Jr, Khairi Clark, Adarius Pickett and Derik Calhoun. As well as three-star players Michael LazarusJefferey Mead and Jalen Harvey.

In fact, three-star linebacker Lazarus is hinting at a possible package deal including him, Mixon, Pickett and Calhoun and Cal is a possible suitor.

Defensive tackle Clark, cornerback Pickett and wide receiver Mead have all listed academics as being on their priorities in choosing a destination, via With California being the number one public school in the nation, the school sells itself in that factor.

Mead, a 6’6″ receiver out of Oklahoma tells’s Grant Marek, “I like the way the place sounds, they spent around $330 million on new facilities, new everything,” he said. “It’s one of the best public schools in the country. The education will be a big part of my decision.” He also spoke highly of the renowned Haas School of Business.

Dykes and co. currently have 39 offers out to uncommitted four-star recruits. With only one current commitment from four-star safety, Koe Farmer they still have a lot of work to do. Though, you have to like the talent this staff is targeting. They’re not acting oblivious to what they have in Berkeley.

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