Alleged NCAA Violations at Auburn Stain 2010 National Championship

By Patrick Schmidt
Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn won the BCS National Championship only three seasons ago, but now allegations of racial profiling, rampant drug abuse, academic fraud, recruiting violations and payment to players has the potential to cripple the program.

According to Selena Roberts who broke this bombshell story, this could destroy the program and put an indelible scar on the SEC, as well as forever change how the Tigers are viewed. It will also likely dash any chance of former Tigers head coach Gene Chizik ever coaching again at the BCS level.

In her report, Roberts cites 40 players that tested for synthetic marijuana called spice, the same drug that Tyrann Mathieu was tested positive for while at LSU following the BCS Championship Game. She also cites examples of African-American players being “randomly selected” upwards of 100 times, and that many players with tattoos and dreadlocks were often profiled more than their Caucasian teammates.

Marijuana use is not uncommon among college students, but to have 40 members of the team testing positive for it is a jarring number that indicates not just a problem, but rather an epidemic that was swept under the rug until Robert’s report.

The academic fraud violations included Mike Dyer, who made the play of the game in the title game that set up the game-clinching field goal. According to former Tiger Mike Blanc, the team was told that they would be without their freshman running back. “But Auburn found a way to make those dudes eligible,” Blanc tells Roberts.

Perhaps the most eye-raising finding in her report was then-defensive coordinator Will Muschamp, now the head coach of Florida, handing out cash payments to players to return to school and to forgo the NFL, and offered cash incentives during the season.

During the championship run, Heisman-winning quarterback Cam Newton was often the target of pay-for-play allegations that were found to be untrue, and it was thought that Auburn’s title was won the right way.

However, after reading Roberts’ report, that appears to be anything but the case, and severe sanctions from the NCAA could be in store for the Auburn program.

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