Kevin Wilson Must Recruit Indianapolis to Revive Indiana Hoosiers Football

By Devin O'Barr
Kevin Wilson coaches
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Wilson hoped to be the savior to Indiana Hoosiers football when he took over as the team’s head coach in 2010. With two full seasons under his belt and a better understanding of recruiting in general, Wilson has high hopes for the 2013 campaign. Like usual, the Hoosiers were irrelevant in the Big 10 last season with a 2-6 conference record including an embarrassing three game losing streak at the end of the NCAAF season.

The Hooisers start fresh this year, however the issue still remains whether or not Wilson has the ability to recruit in the state of Indiana and Indianapolis in particular. Wilson really hit the Indy trail hard this offseason signing three players hailing from that city who can really make a difference. The three include Darius LathamDavid Kenney III and Antonio Allen and everyone of these guys have high expectations at the collegiate level for different reasons.

Latham looks to be the star in the group as the defensive tackle must improve upon a Hoosiers unit that allowed 35 points a contest in 2012.

Wilson was not expected to make the Hoosiers immediate contenders, but the program has played in just two bowls games in the last twenty years, so Hoosier faithful are growing incredibly impatient. Indiana was at their best in the late 1980s when they reeled off a stretch of five bowl games in a matter of six seasons, but since then things have been downright awful.

Hopefully Latham is a step in the right direction as the Hoosiers have everything a top Indianapolis recruit would want, but it’s Wilson’s job to get them on the field in Bloomington.

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