Mark Richt A Model of Consistency For Georgia Bulldogs

By Devin O'Barr
Mark Richt at the podium
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I think it’s only fair that on the same day the Auburn Tigers are amidst countless allegations regarding cheating, we recognize Georgia Bulldogs Coach Mark Richt as one of the best NCAAF coaches in the nation. Richt has not been perfect throughout his 10 years with the Bulldogs, but he deserves respect as the longest tenured coach in the SEC.

Richt is often called a coach whose on the hot seat, however, he has yet to give the Bulldogs a season under .500–I think those fans screaming for Richt’s exit need to take a look at his body of work with the program. During this span, Georgia has never faded out of the limelight with eight years of double digit wins. By comparison, Nick Saban has been with the Alabama Crimson Tide for six years and although he is often proclaimed as the godfather of college football, Richt’s stats hold a candle to Saban’s to say the least.

When the SEC is first mentioned, the Bulldogs are not the first team that comes to mind and that needs to change. Of course, Georgia has not won a National Championship since 1980, but they still should be recognized as a legitimate player for the title in 2013.

In a world with allegations and sanctions flying left and right it’s important to give guys like Richt the appreciation that they deserve. The SEC is often called the most competitive NCAAF conference and Richt has kept his teams highly competitive for the last 10 years.

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