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5 Biggest Errors In Pro Football Weekly’s Review of West Virginia Mountaineers’ Geno Smith

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The Five Biggest Errors in Pro Football Weekly’s Review of West Virginia Mountaineers’ Geno Smith

West Virginia Mountaineers
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The big news out of this year’s NFL draft is Pro Football Weekly’s Review, and I use the term review lightly as the entire thing was more of a stab or roast than an actual review, was the publication's look at West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith.

The report, written by Nolan Nawrocki, had Geno Smith listed as the sixth best quarterback in the NFL draft, with USC golden boy Matt Barkley listed as the No.1 quarterback.

As a person who has seen Geno Smith play football every Saturday since Fall of 2010, I can assure you that this report is complete bogus. This “scout” shows complete bias in his review and does not assess Smith fairly.

The report says the following:

“(Smith is) not a student of the game. Nonchalant field presence -- does not command respect from teammates and cannot inspire. Mild practice demeanor -- no urgency. Not committed or focused -- marginal work ethic. Interviewed poorly at the combine and did not show an understanding of concepts on the white board. Opted not to compete at the Senior Bowl and has approached offseason training as if he has already arrived, and it shows in his body with minimal muscle definition or strength.”

Anyone who has ever seen or known Geno Smith knows that this report is simply inaccurate. There is simply no evidence to support these claims. This “scout” has likely only seen Geno Smith play football in bits and pieces throughout his college career. There is no other excuse for someone to be this oblivious about a player with as much respect as Geno Smith.

This “scout” is so quick to bash other athletes, so hopefully he won’t mind a little bit of criticism towards himself.

Here are the five biggest errors in Pro Football Weekly’s review of West Virginia Mountaineers’ Geno Smith.

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He’s Not a Student of the Game

West Virginia Mountaineers
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This is simply not true. Geno Smith works harder than any player out there to learn how to play the game of football and improve himself.

He stayed all four years at West Virginia to develop himself fully. To say Smith is not a student of the game is simply incorrect.

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Smith Has a Marginal Work Ethic

West Virginia Mountaineers
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To say Smith has a marginal work ethic shows that this guy doesn’t know anything about him. Anyone associated with the game of college football knows Smith’s work ethic.

In fact, Smith’s work ethic was so strong that after the Mountaineers’ big win in Austin against top five Texas, while the team went out to party, Smith went to the film room to prepare for Texas Tech in the following week.

There is absolutely no evidence to support a weak work ethic in Geno Smith.

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Smith has Minimal Muscle Definition and Strength

West Virginia Mountaineers
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First off, since when is muscle definition a key attribute for an NFL quarterback? Secondly, Smith has more arm strength than any quarterback in the draft. His claim to fame in college was his deep ball accuracy.

Regardless of whether or not Smith has “minimal muscle definition” or not, I’m sure he can get the ball downfield and show accuracy while doing it.

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Smith is Not Committed or Focused

West Virginia Mountaineers
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You know, throwing for 20 touchdowns in the first five games of the season and more than 300 yards in each game doesn’t take any focus at all.

There was also that time that Smith threw 258 passes without an interception, but I guess he was just sleepwalking through those as well...

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Smith Has Approached Off-season Training as if He’s Already Arrived

West Virginia Mountaineers
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The only thing Geno Smith has done this off-season to back this statement up is miss the Senior Bowl and frankly, a lot of NFL quarterbacks skipped their Senior Bowl. You know who else skipped the senior bowl? This dude’s golden boy Matt Barkley, who played significantly fewer games than Smith in the 2012 season.