Gunner Kiel Can't Be Serious

By Corey Elliot
Matt Cashore-US Presswire

Gunner Kiel has transferred out of Notre Dame but where will he go? Oklahoma? West Virginia? Michigan?

Wait, what about Ball State? Now that sounds like the destination for the No. 1 prospect out of the class of 2012.

What a joke.

First it was Indiana University, but rumors around the Hoosier state suggest he de-committed after his older brother, Dusty Kiel, diverted him away due to his dissatisfaction he had with the coaching staff. More than likely, though, Gunner just realized that Indiana wasn’t the best fit after all despite being only 45 minutes from home.

Shortly after his de-commitment, Kiel upgraded his selection and chose LSU. But with hardly enough time to get the news into the newspaper he de-committed and chose the Fighting Irish.

After a season of irrelevance, Kiel has decided to take his talents elsewhere.

Oh, how the bridges can burn sometimes. I don’t know if Kiel made an attempt to contact Les Miles down in Baton Rouge and for all we know maybe Kiel doesn’t want to play for LSU. However, the fact that the best quarterback and No. 1 overall prospect in a recruiting class has chosen to entertain the idea of Ball State University in lonely, old Muncie, Ind. is far too funny for many reasons.

Big time MAC football is what you get after playing the hokey-pokey during your recruiting, children.

Nothing against the MAC, but come on. If he chooses Ball State that will be the epitome of burning bridges and reaping what you sew.

Gunner Kiel has succeeded at digging himself a cozy little hole of obscurity that he will now reside in for the remainder of his college football career if he can’t lure big schools to buy into what he was once sold on being; a five star recruit turned premiere starting college QB.

It’s funny how quickly things can change.


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