Kendall Sanders Becomes Latest Legal Headache For Texas Longhorns

By Corey Elliot
Brendan Maloney-US Presswire

What do college football players do when they have an opportunity to move up the depth chart and prove themselves worthy for more playing time?

Well, more often than not, they take advantage of that opportunity.

But for Texas Longhorns sophomore wide receiver Kendall Sanders, getting arrested for a DWI late Saturday night will surely make it difficult to do the same.

This was the Longhorns’ third arrest this offseason. Besides being one of Texas’ young and promising underclassmen, this whole ordeal just rubs salt in the wound and adds insult to injury in Austin.

Somewhere lost in translation between the trainers, the assistant coaches, Mack Brown and Deloss Dodds, these kids just aren’t getting it.

And no worries, by-the-way, because while the Longhorns flirt on the fringe of finally turning the page with high expectations for this coming season, Connor Brewer is getting arrested for public intoxication while Cayleb Jones beats up fellow Texas student athletes. I would imagine at some point after Brewer’s incident Brown would have had a team meeting of some sort and addressed the problem with the team.

No? Well surely he got everyone together and expressed his displeasure after Jones’ assault charges, right?

I think Brown has always had “enough about him”, as he would like to say, to make sure these players understand the trouble they can cause themselves let alone the team and the university.

This is the third incident, but if you really want to start picking things apart, it’s the fourth incident. The Alamo Bowl he-said-she-said sexual assault drama in San Antonio that involved Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks was nothing short of an embarrassment.

Does Brown not have any feeling in his lower back and rear end? By now he can feel the heat coming from that seat.

Or, perhaps, it isn’t a seat. Maybe it’s a throne decorated with all the shine that comes with two Big 12 championships and one national championship over 15 years at Texas.

Either way you want to view this, there is neither rationalization nor justification as to why these issues are happening.

Quit making excuses and get it together. 2013 holds no room for error on and off the field.

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