What Is the Texas Longhorns Biggest Concern?

Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

With the latest arrest to Texas Longhorns wide receiver Kendall Sanders the wide receiver position is between Mike Davis and Jaxon Shipley is as wide open as can be.

With Cayleb Jones going through the legal process from his assault arrest while Sanders waits to find out what will become of his off-field issues, there is a large amount of uncertainty at one of the most important positions on the Longhorns offense this season.

David Ash has a lot of expectations this season and he needs as much insurance lining up at receiver as he can get. It helps having veteran upperclassmen like Davis and Shipley, but when the next two up on the assumed depth chart have their futures with Texas in-question it is hard to prepare for the upcoming season and build the chemistry needed to succeed.

This season the Longhorns will try a new up-tempo offense. RB/WR Daje Johnson is quick and will more than likely be used as a passing threat than a running threat, but the names that most didn’t expect to see on stat sheets this fall may become very popular.

Bryant Jackson is a fourth year receiver who switched over from defensive back after his sophomore season. Hardly any in-game experience under his belt, Jackson will have to start taking things a lot more serious with the absence of Sanders and Jones.

The same goes for Marcus Johnson. He too may find himself shuffled into the mix, but the fact is it’s too early to tell. We can only speculate the implications these actions by Jones and Sanders have on the Longhorns.

Each of these two are innocent until proven guilty, but the damage to their team has already been done. A spring game without Jones and now who knows what consequences Sanders will face, however, it is likely both will be missing some time on the field.

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