Steve Addazio Infuses Energy into Spring Practice to Turn Around Boston College Eagles

By Tyler Brett
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College Eagles are in a rebuilding mode with new head coach Steve Addazio. The Eagles have fallen on hard times, athletically speaking, tumbling to the cellar of the ACC without much to hang their hats on in terms of football prowess. They finished 2012 at just 2-10 with no clear playmakers on offense or defense returning for this season. It looks to be a difficult turnaround for Addazio and BC, but the former Temple Owls coach is bringing something with him that he hopes will help speed up the process: plenty of energy.

Addazio is routinely one of the last people off the practice field this spring and the practices themselves have been much louder than in previous season. Players on the sidelines yelling encouragement to the players on the field, coaches screaming praise or admonishment after every play and teammates rallying to each other on the field, showcasing an energy level that has been missing for several years. The new head coach is hoping that this increased energy level will lead to greater accountability.

“I think it’s important that there’s energy, that there’s passion, there’s energy and they’re holding each other accountable. There’s no such think as my bad. You gotta count on the guy on your left and the guy on your right, and they’ve gotta perform, when their number’s called they’ve gotta get the job done.”

The energy level and accountability are all part of Addazio’s campaign to change the culture around the Boston College program. Mediocrity has become too common and accepted on the team, Addazio believes, and instilling a new, winning mindset starts with everyone buying in this spring and going all out on every play. That high-energy atmosphere in practice is designed to create a competitive environment, where each player is proving themselves on every snap.

There is still a long ways to go, of course, before BC can start to climb their way back up the ranks of the ACC. Addazio has no delusions that this will be a quick or easy turnaround. So far, however, he likes the effort and the energy level of his team and their overall willingness to buy in and improve on the practice field. He admits that they’ve got a long ways to go to get where they ultimately want to be, but he likes that the team is “scratching and clawing to get there,” which only bodes well for the future progress of the Boston College football program.

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