Bill Snyder Questions Kansas State Player's Expectations

By Kevin McGuire
Mark J. Rebilas – USA Today Sports

Kansas State has won more games than the previous season for four consecutive seasons, a rare feat accomplished in the sport of college football, but has Bill Snyder taken the Wildcats to the top of the plateau? After climbing as high as number two in the national rankings at the height of the 2012 season, it is likely Kansas State takes a bit of a step back in 2013.

After a wildly successful run in 2012, capped with a Big 12 championship and a trip to the Fiesta Bowl, Snyder is concerned that his players lining up for 2013 are struggling to grasp just what is possible.

“As I have said many times, the dynamics are different every year no matter who does what,” Snyder said in a meeting with the media on Thursday. “You would like to think that this group has gained a great deal of knowledge about things other than just football with the assistance of the young people who were here a year ago. I think that it has not evolved yet into the quality of leadership that we would like and hope to have; I think that has taken more time than what I had hoped for.”

Snyder’s observation is not unlike what a number of programs must deal with on a year-to-year basis around college football, and in other collegiate sports. The turnover in collegiate athletics happens so quickly that it makes it difficult to keep things routine and consistent in many situations, but Snyder is experienced and has a way of knowing that sometimes it just take s little bit of time before players get on the right page. He still feels that will be possible with the 2013 Wildcats.

“I think we will get there and guys want that,” Snyder said. “I have not been disappointed with their effort, but I think that this group really does not understand what they are capable of.”

Snyder’s problem, it seems, is his players in spring camp are setting their own bar lower than a head coach would like to see coming off the most successful season in program history in a decade. Kansas State won 11 games and a Big 12 championship, so you would think the bar has been set high for 2013. That does not appear to be the case according to Snyder.

“I think they have kind of placed some limitations on what they are capable of and those limitations should not be there,” Kansas State’s head coach said Thursday. “They have got to learn that they can achieve more, do more, perform better and that they can work harder and all that goes along with it. “


Quotes provided by Kansas State Athletics.

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