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Five Reasons Big 12 Needs a Conference Championship in Football

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Five Reasons the Big 12 Needs a Conference Championship in Football

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There has been a debate as of late that involves the Big 12 as a football conference. The debate is whether or not the Big 12 athletic conference should have a conference championship game in football.

See, the game used to be played “way back when” from 1996-2010. The game ceased to exist after the Colorado Buffaloes and the Missouri Tigers left the conference.

Now, because a conference championship game is not being played at the end of each season, a number of Big 12 schools are arguing that not having a championship game hurts their chances of making an appearance in the BCS national championship game.

You won’t find any arguments with that from me. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. The Big 12 is only hurting itself by not re-adding the title game.

The problem is that the NCAA requires conferences to have 12 teams in order for a championship game to be played. The Big 12 sits currently at ten teams. By adding two teams, the Big 12 could reinstate the championship game and please fans, coaches, players and athletic directors alike.

How hard would it be for the Big 12 to find two teams ready to join? Well I don’t think it’d be too hard. The conference is as stable as it has ever been, with only one of the ten teams not making a bowl game in 2012.

The Big 12 is left as one of the few power conferences in football, alongside the SEC, ACC and Big Ten. Finding two solid teams to join shouldn’t be a problem.

There are a number of reasons why the Big 12 should be pursuing a championship game, and I’ve laid out five of the clearest.

Without further ado, here are the five reasons the Big 12 needs a football championship game.

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The Fans Want It to Happen

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There is nothing more thrilling in any sporting event than a championship game, where everything is on the line.

Even more so in college football, these games are some of the most exciting experiences a college fan can have.

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There's a Huge Profit to Be Made

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This should be fairly obvious. The amount of money to be made through a championship game is ridiculous. After selling all of the seats to fans, the conference could profit off of championship merchandise and much more.

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BCS Factor

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A conference championship in the Big 12 would help solidify conference teams a place in the BCS.

A championship game would give the conference champs an extra win to propel them in the BCS rankings at the end of the season, whereas a team without a championship game can be hurt.

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Every Other Major Conference Has One

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What do the following conferences have in common: The ACC, the SEC, the Big Ten?

All are major football conferences and all have a conference championship game. The Big 12 needs to join the club.

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It Would Add to the Regular Season Drama

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A championship game makes regular season games mean so much more. A team is motivated to reach a championship game. It can benefit from two teams having a shot at the conference title as opposed to only one.