Auburn University: Long Live Tradition

By Corey Elliot

The unfortunate destruction of an Auburn University landmark has brought a new era of tradition for Tigers fans.

Auburn University will let Tigers fans celebrate at Toomer’s corner in traditional fashion “rolling” the historic Oak Trees with toilet paper one last time next Saturday after the spring game before the school removes the poisoned Oaks.

After the celebration ends, the school will remove the trees that were poisoned by Alabama fanatic Harvey Updyke Jr. and unveil the new plans for Toomer’s corner. The project is estimated between $1 million to $2 million according to assistant vice president of facilities, Dan King. The school plans to plant new trees to continue the storied tradition on campus at Auburn.

The school plans to take the removed trees and turn them into pieces of memorabilia that can be purchased with proceeds going towards academics for scholarships.

This is a very cool idea.

I am a very sentimental person and nostalgia is one of my favorite things in the entire world, especially with college sports. The history that lies deeply rooted in collegiate athletics and the tradition on and off the playing field truly are the foundation of what makes it such a special culture.

College football is better because of traditions like Toomer’s corner, and I am pleased to hear such news that the school plans to keep on moving forward without missing a beat. This was a very well thought out plan by Auburn. What’s most impressive, is the fact that there was absolutely zero retaliation by Auburn students and-or fans after what Updyke did.

My hat is off to Auburn University, their students and fans all across the state of Alabama and beyond. It is nice to see such a tradition revived.

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