Chip Kelly Now Among The Growing List Of College Coaches Escaping Violations

Chip Kelly-Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We should have known it was coming. I mean, why would Chip Kelly be any different?  What am I talking about? Well, in case you missed it, Oregon and the NCAA have made public their findings that the school has been guilty of major violations, the majority of which happened during Kelly’s tenure as head coach (for a fantastic article detailing the violation investigation click HERE)

Kelly, of course, took advantage of his opportunity to get out of town before the investigation was concluded, and is now the head coach of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles. By bolting to the NFL, Kelly adds his name to the list of college coaches that have sidestepped the punishment for their actions by stepping up to the next level.

There needs to be some sort of punishment that is interactive between college and the pros. It is not something unprecedented since we have seen coaches and players forced to serve a suspension before being allowed to take up a position in the NFL (see Ohio State). Now it is apparent that the coaches need to be held accountable too.

Just like Pete Carroll, Kelly took a college program and made it a consistent winner. Apparently, neither was able to do so without bending the rules in their favor. Both left their programs just before findings were released and sanctions handed out. Even though we all know the former head coach is responsible for his program (and their violations), they still avoid the full brunt of the black eye by moving on to their next program.

Kelly gets a big paycheck to lead a team at the highest level while the program he left behind will be forced to pay for what happened on his watch. The kids that he helped recruit could lose out on the opportunity to play in a bowl game, or could possibly have their wins vacated, or any number of other such sanctions that could be handed down.

Taking off to the NFL just before being held accountable reeks of cowardice. The students and faculty cannot escape so easily and they are left to hold the bag. There needs to be a higher level off accountability or we are just going to see trend continue to grow. And if you ask me, it is not the type of trend that makes anybody look good.

What type of character traits are these coaches promoting to our sons? Kids are too smart and impressionable to go for the “Do as I say, not as I do” philosophy. We need more from the NFL and NCAAF, and our children deserve better.

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