Maryland Spring Game: Diggs and Ross Show Up, Everyone Else Absent

By Jack Jorgensen
Bob Donnan- USA TODAY Sports

Randy Edsall has had nowhere near the start to his tenure as head coach of the Maryland Terrapins as he had hoped for. Going 2-10 and 4-8 in his first two seasons in College Park, Edsall is looking for a little more improvement from his squad before they pick up and move on to the B1G after this season.

So, what exactly did Friday night’s spring game in Byrd Stadium teach us about the progression of the Terps towards that goal?

Well, nothing really, as it was overall sloppily played from start to finish.  Ending in a 13-13 tie, Edsall and his crew just couldn’t seem to get anything to click as a whole, offensively nor defensively.

But, we were reminded that WR Stefon Diggs and RB Brandon Ross are really good at the game of football.

Going back to last season as freshmen, Diggs and Ross were the two main playmakers of the Terrapins’ offense. And, it seems that this year will have to be a little more of the same if Maryland wants to see any success on the field.

With eight catches for 159 yards and a score, Diggs showed that he will undoubtedly be the go-to man for the offense. With the quarterback situation sketchy at best, the sophomore speedster will have to make a lot of plays to bail the team out this season. His 51-yard scoring play showed that he’s more than capable of taking that responsibility on. Hauling in a short pass on the right sideline, Diggs athletically juked a defender and scampered down the sideline for the points.

Again though, he may not have to shoulder the offensive load all on his own.

Fellow sophomore and RB Brandon Ross also showed signs of maturing from last year, where he was also impressive as a first-year player. Ross tallied 122 yards on 19 carries and showed that he can be a workhorse for the offense, when needed. He was punishing in between the tackles and showed improved versatility on the edges.

Together, Diggs and Ross are going to be two guys that you can’t miss when watching the Maryland offense this season. And, it’s not going to be just because they’re wearing uniforms made out of the Maryland state flag fabric neither.

Unfortunately though, those two were the only thing good to come out of the contest on Friday. As I stated earlier, it was a sloppily played game that ended in a rousing 13-13 tie. The defense made critical errors at the worst possible times (see the missed tackle on Diggs’ TD) and the QB play, minus probable starter C.J. Brown still rehabbing an ACL tear, was wildly inconsistent.

If the Terps had any plans of sticking it to the ACC with a successful season before they walk out the door, they might want to think again.


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