Do The Baylor Bears Have The Best Running Back Duo In Big 12?

By Amanda Staver
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Baylor Bears have been a force to be reckoned with over the last couple of seasons offensively. Former quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III and Nick Florence were dual threat – very accurate passers and deadly on the ground. New quarterback Bryce Petty is also dual threat, but he also could have the best duo of backs in the Big 12 to hand the ball off to in 2013.

Running back Lache Seastrunk had some pretty bold words for the media at the end of the 2012 season – proclaiming he was going to win the Heisman in 2013. Seastrunk was just over 1000 yards in 2012 and helped the Bears lead the Big 12 in rushing.

The Bears averaged around 570 yards per game and 230 of those were on the ground. With a new quarterback who hasn’t yet acclimated to a starting position at the college level; being able to hand the ball off to a guy who had five 100-yard games is definitely a plus.

Then there is Glasco Martin, another Bears back. Martin had five plus games with over 85 yards in 2012. During the Bears spring game, both Martin and Seastrunk combined for four touchdowns, over 200 yards and 20 carries. Both had long-yardage touchdowns – Seastrunk with a 44-yarder and shortly after, Martin with a 66-yard touchdown run.

When building a dynamic offense, one of the main things you need besides an accurate quarterback is to have a solid running game behind that quarterback. And that is exactly what the Bears are looking for 2013.

Head coach Art Briles is once again setting this team up to have another successful season in the Big 12.

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