Former Auburn Running Back Michael Dyer Hopes for a Third Chance

By Patrick Schmidt
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Former exiled running back Michael Dyer is attempting to resurrect his career after not playing since his sophomore season in 2011 for Auburn, and one of the possible destinations he is looking to make his comeback at was Arkansas. However, that was more wishful thinking on the part of Dyer as those reports were quickly squashed by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to the relief of Razorbacks fans that despise him.

The big question to me at this moment is if anyone will give him an opportunity.

After two 1,000-yard seasons to start his career, Dyer has since been a textbook example on how to waste talent and throw away a shot at a potential NFL career. Dyer has had run-ins with the law, including providing a gun to former Auburn teammates that was used in an armed robbery. Most recently, he was pulled over for speeding and the search of his car revealed a gun and marijuana.

Those transgressions happened while he was trying to make a comeback at Arkansas State with Gus Malzahn, who coached him during the 2010 season when Dyer had 1,000 yards as a true freshman and earned MVP honors in the BCS Championship Game.

However, it’s all been downhill since that memorable night.

He has been out of football since 2011 and is on track to graduate from Arkansas Baptist College this year, so he can transfer without having to sit out a season. But, I don’t think he is worth the risk for an FBS school considering his past.

In an interview with KHTV Dyer reflected on his youthful misconduct and how his time at Arkansas Baptist College has changed him.

“I was 18, I was 19 years old when I was growing up and trying to mature and trying to find ways to get through life, but now that I’m 22 and I had a setback and I’ve been through a lot, it makes me mature, it makes me grow, it makes me learn from the things that I did do and know that I shouldn’t have done.”

If Dyer is as serious as he says he is about having perspective and growing up, then maybe an FCS program gives him an opportunity to rehab his image.

While not an FCS school, this reminds me somewhat of the decision of Western Kentucky hiring Bobby Petrino this offseason. It gave Petrino an opportunity to rehab his image and get back into the industry to prove that he can still be among the best at what he does, and gives WKU an exceptional head coach albeit with some baggage.

The SEC was not going to give Petrino another job immediately after his transgressions and the same can be said for Dyer. I’m skeptical of him enrolling here, but TCU was going to host Dyer earlier this month, but they postponed the visit after damaging allegations of academic fraud involving him at Auburn surfaced.

Dyer is a very talented running back, but sadly he falls into the all-too-large category of wasted talent and unrealized potential. As a fan of the game and someone that roots for the underdog, I hope that Dyer can return to the football field. It won’t be on his terms, it won’t be at Arkansas and if and when it happens, he’s going to have to be the model citizen.

I’m all for forgiving a player and giving him a second chance when he’s earned it, but he’s on his third chance and it’s hard to fully trust someone when they’ve burned you in the past.

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