SEC Should Not Welcome Back Michael Dyer

By Terry Johnson
Michael Dyer
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Barring something completely unexpected, Michael Dyer is not going to suit up for the Arkansas Razorbacks or any other SEC school this fall. While adding him to the team would definitely provide a spark for the offense, it would send the wrong message to the players.

Make no mistake about it: Dyer is an incredibly gifted athlete. He stole the show in the 2011 National Championship game, gaining 143 yards against an Oregon Ducks squad that ranked 27th nationally in run defense. With 2,399 rushing yards in his two seasons with the Auburn Tigers, Dyer would give a school a proven, durable option who’s already shown that he can get the job done against SEC-caliber defenses.

With that said, any coach who adds him to the roster would be doing a tremendous disservice to his players.

Let’s be honest: the purpose of college football is to prepare student-athletes for the real world, since a majority of them will never play a single down in the NFL. The most important lesson that college-age kids need to learn is that every action has its consequences. If someone, regardless of who they are, makes a poor decision — such as doing something illegal — they will have to pay for it down the road.

Allowing Dyer — whose troubled past has been well-documented — on the roster wouldn’t teach this valuable life lesson. Instead, the coach would be indirectly telling the players that they can literally do whatever they want, as long as they can make things happen on the gridiron.

In other words, permitting Dyer to join the squad would imply to the kids on the team that some people are above the law, simply because they can tote the rock.

No coach wants to convey that message, which is why Dyer won’t land at an SEC school, even as a walk-on. After all, talented players like him are a dime a dozen in the nation’s best conference.

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