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Five Best Tweets About West Virginia Mountaineers’ Tavon Austin’s Wonderlic Score

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The Five Best Tweets About West Virginia Mountaineers' Tavon Austin's Wonderlic Score

Tavon Austin
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As many of you know, West Virginia Mountaineer Tavon Austin was well on his way to climbing into the top ten of the NFL Draft’s first round. Everything was going great for him until, oh no! He got a seven on the Wonderlic Test. Tavon Austin then cried and questioned why his opportunity to play in the NFL passed over him so quickly and we never heard from him again.


The reality of the situation is that this test means nothing. (For those of you who are still catching up, Austin is still projected in the top ten. His test score didn’t mean anything.) Players fail this test all of the time. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings’ great got a nine on it.

I love that we live in an age of social media. I love the fact that when news breaks, if it wasn’t actually broken over Twitter, within minutes the entire platform known as Twitter explodes into a predictable flood of opinions I don’t care about. So whether I liked it or not, I was going to learn how 500 different people felt about the Wonderlic.

Fortunately, every once in a while, somebody is actually funny on Twitter. Shocking, I know.

This got me thinking, which is also shocking. I thought it would be appropriate to applaud these individuals, as they appear to be in the extreme minority on my Twitter feed. Every day I stumble across hundreds of Tweets that I wouldn’t look twice at, but I decided it could be fun to let these people know they are appreciated.

I’ve put together a list of the five best tweets I came across throughout the week in regards to Tavon Austin’s low Wonderlic score.

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@EDSB’s Touchdown

Tavon Austin
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This is great. The Wonderlic seriously doesn’t mean anything. It’s almost as if Tavon Austin decided to score that number on purpose. If he did, what would change?

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@CelebrityHotTub’s Cube Root

Tavon Austin
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This is another tweet mocking the existence of the Wonderlic Test. It makes a great point and sarcastically challenges the relevance of the test by suggesting nothing changes regardless of a player’s result.

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@FauxCoachHolgs’ All He Knows is Seven

Tavon Austin
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@FauxCoachHolgs is a must-follow on Twitter. Posing as the fake twitter account for Mountaineers’ head coach Dana Holgorsen, @FauxCoachHolgs delivers priceless WVU comedy, and frankly I’m not so sure this isn’t really Coach Holgorsen.

Here, he makes a witty comment about Tavon Austin being incapable of scoring anything other than a seven.

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@MichaelMinnich’s Tackling Ability

Tavon Austin
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@MichaelMinnich makes a great point with his tweet. Once again, the relevance of this Wonderlic test is questioned. Does a test score change the way someone plays football? His hashtag makes the tweet.

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@PatrickSouthern’s WVU Race

Tavon Austin
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Patrick Southern is another must-follow for WVU fans. His sarcastic tweets constantly add flavor to the news of West Virginia. Here, he makes light of the defensiveness of WVU fans over the pointless Wonderlic Test.