How Much Slack Should Logan Thomas be Given in 2013?

By Jack Jorgensen
Greg M. Cooper- USA TODAY Sports

Back on January 15, Virginia Tech Hokies QB Logan Thomas went on ESPN‘s ‘College Football Live‘ and announced to the nation that he would be returning for his senior season in 2013. After a disappointing 2012 campaign that saw the Hokies finish 7-6 overall, the 6-6 260-pound quarterback was giving himself and his team a chance at redemption. He was going to give Hokie fans the chance to forget the 2012 season ever happened.

But one thing that we all can’t forget is that a big part of the 2012 failures was actually the play of Thomas himself.

In 2011, the Hokies and their then sophomore QB had a fantastic season. They capped off a 10-3 year with an appearance–albeit somewhat controversial–in the Sugar Bowl, narrowly being defeated in OT by the Michigan Wolverines. Despite the loss however, Virginia Tech did have themselves a magical season.

You know what Logan Thomas and the Hokies also had that season? They had RB David Wilson rushing for over 1,700 yards while taking much of the pressure off of the signal-caller.

After being drafted in 2012 by the New York Giants, Wilson would no longer be in Blacksburg and Thomas was left to lead the offense.

And, with a virtually non-existent run game behind him (Thomas actually ended up being the VT leading rusher last season by the way), Logan failed at this mission.

Now, while some have tried to use last year’s rushing woes as an excuse for the QB’s lackluster season, I haven’t been so forgiving. If anything, the absence of a solid running game exposed many of the flaws in Thomas’ game.

As far as dropback pro-style passing is concerned, Thomas just simply doesn’t know how to make a decision. The junior threw 16 interceptions last season, and the vast majority of them were just ill-advised choices. Be it pressure coming at him or not being able to read the secondary properly, he just can’t seem to pinpoint the right movement and make it.

Although he was the team’s leading rusher a season ago with 524 yards on the ground, now that is a bloated accomplishment that can be chalked up to a poor rushing attack. If you look back and watch, taking off and running is also a kink in the Logan Thomas armor. There are many times where he either takes off and runs when he shouldn’t or vice versa.

Pretty much, when the success of the offense is solely in his hands, Logan Thomas is as indecisive as a 5-year old in the Hershey Chocolate Factory Store.

Before Saturday’s spring game, VT fans were looking for a glimmer of hope that their QB had improved remarkably and a return to BCS glory would surely be on the horizon come January 2014.

Yeah, well, what they got was a three interception performance and basically the same story just a different season.

I haven’t really seen anyone do it, but I have to ask. How long is the leash this season for Thomas? If it turns out early in the season–probably excluding the Alabama opener because I think we can all guess what’s going to happen there–that these flaws are a consistency in the senior’s game, how long before head coach Frank Beamer has to consider giving redshirt junior Mark Leal an honest look.

Some folks, mainly those who don’t pay thoroughly close attention, saw Thomas deciding to return as him doing the program a favor. Well, what kind of favors would Frank Beamer be doing the program if he let the quarterbacking model of inconsistency continue to lead his offense?

After Saturday’s scrimmage, the QB was quick to point out that only about 25% of new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler‘s offense has been installed.

Great Logan. But at this point to me, that means we have about 75% more of mistakes to uncover.


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