Which City Is Missing Out On The College Football Playoff?

By Corey Elliot
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Indianapolis should bid for the 2016 or 2017 College Football Playoff national championship.

The city of Indianapolis was made to host. I don’t understand the decision to stay out of the mix.

With the state-of-the-art Indianapolis Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium literally two blocks away from Indianapolis’ downtown night life, it would be just as successful as Super Bowl 46 was for the city and the fans.

Seriously, though.

Indianapolis has been one of the better host cities over the past 25 years for just about anything. The NCAA Men’s Final Four has become a regular event on a four to six year cycle in Indianapolis as well as a regional final and first round host. I don’t understand why Colts owner Jim Irsay and the city of Indianapolis said they wouldn’t be bidding for a semi-final or national championship slot.

The Big Ten championship game has been played at Lucas Oil Stadium since it’s arrival into the conference layout two years ago and that has been a great success, for the most part. The city also hosts the Big Ten tournament in men’s and women’s basketball on a rotating basis with Chicago. Not to mention, the NCAA headquarters and hall of champions is located in downtown Indy.

As a resident of the state, I can proudly say that in the past 10 years Indiana has become more of a football state than it once was or wasn’t, I’m guessing would be the correct vernacular.

Maybe I’m just being a homer, but Indianapolis knows how to put on a show and throw a party. I understand that the closest colleges to Indianapolis with Division-I programs are Indiana University, Purdue University and Ball State, but I don’t see Tulane playing in the Sugar Bowl, so that argument holds no validity.

And as for Notre Dame, I’ve always said the state of Indiana cares way more about the Fighting Irish than they do about the state of Indiana.

The point is, Indianapolis is hospitable. A college bowl game in Indianapolis may not have the lure of the Rose Bowl. In fact, let’s be serious. Indianapolis doesn’t even have a bowl game as it is right now. I know its cold in Indianapolis during January, but unless you were here in 2012 for Super Bowl 46, you have no idea how close everything is. It was fantastic.

I think it would be fair to at least get Indianapolis involved in the discussion for the future of the College Football Playoff.

Indianapolis’ resume speaks for itself. Add Indy to the discussion.


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