What Is the Future For Malcolm Brown At Texas Longhorns?

By Corey Elliot
Spruce Derden-USA Today Sports Images

Where does Malcolm Brown fit into the Texas Longhorns backfield?

It is looking more and more like he doesn’t fit in.

With Johnathan Gray rushing for 701 yards and Joe Bergeron rushing for 16 touchdowns in 2012, it leaves a serious question mark around Brown’s future at Texas.

If the Longhorns are going for a more up-tempo offense this season I’m not sure if Brown will be a large part of it. Bergeron is in a solid position as the Longhorns short yardage-goal line running back and Gray seems to be arguably the best back Texas has, so I would expect him to be the work horse in 2013.

I’m sure that both will have a chance to play the role of starting running back. The start of camp for any football team always seems to be the cliché “open opportunity” for anyone to take a starting role. But, if you think for one second a head coach and his staff don’t have a pre-determined agenda for each position and player, you need to re-evaluate your thought process. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m not the only one under the assumption that Gray will start as the Longhorns running back over Brown and I’m starting to think I can’t be the only one who thinks Malcolm Brown’s value, as well as his carries, is on the decline.

Injury prone and injury ridden, while eerily similar, are two different things a running back wants to avoid being labeled as, and Brown is both.

Given the glory of seniority and tenure I would expect Brown to still be thought of as a plausible option for the new Texas offense by the Texas coaching staff. As unfortunate as it may be, I think on the contrary.

Brown is going to find it hard to fit in this season unless he wows the Texas coaching staff when compared to Gray.

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