Oklahoma State Quarterback: Wes Lunt Transfer A Cautionary Tale

By Curt Popejoy
Wes Lunt
Matt Kartozian- USA TODAY Sports

There are few things I really bang a drum about when it comes to college football. One is the idea of paying athletes, which I disagree with, and the other is this philosophy of teams over recruiting players, and the players who seem to be fine with it. With today’s news that talented former Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt has decided to transfer, it brings this to light this phenomenon that has shown time and time again to be so problematic for young-student athletes with NFL aspirations.

Going back to Lunt, when he was coming out of high school last year, he had nearly a dozen BCS schools offering him a football scholarship, teams that were far more talent-starved than the Cowboys. Keep in mind, the Cowboys already had two very talented quarterbacks on the roster in JW Walsh and Clint Chelf. But for reasons that are unknown to me, Lunt chose to pass on other schools where he would have had little or not competition for the starting spot to instead walk into a situation where there was a definite possibility he’d have to sit for two years before getting his chance.

We see these players come and go through this every year, especially at quarterback. They get recruited into a crowded quarterback situation, and they have enough ego that they think they can win the starting job. Then, when they don’t, they are forced to transfer, lose valuable time and experience, and in many cases never reach their full potential. I hope Lunt can find a team where he can use his season off to learn and has a chance to walk into a starting spot in 2014. But the situation of a player like Lunt should be a warning to high-school athletes with NFL aspirations. It’s about becoming the best football player you can, not ending up on the highest-profile team possible, if you want to become a star.

I can appreciate that Lunt figured out as early as he did that he didn’t have a future with the Cowboys, but I can’t help but think had he gotten some better advice prior to signing, he’d have found himself at a program last year where his future was much more bright. In the coming days, Lunt’s intentions should become known, and I’m willing to guess he makes a more thoughtful decision the second time around.

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