Bob Stoops' SEC 'Propaganda' Comments Are Ridiculous

By jasonhall
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Has Bob Stoops lost his mind? Or is the Oklahoma Football program just serving their head coach “Haterade” by the gallon?

While commenting on the Southeastern Conference to this week, Stoops called the hype surrounding the SEC “propaganda fed by the media” and believes that the Big-12 is just as dominant if not more so than the conference responsible for producing the past seven consecutive NCAA national champions.

To be fair, Stoops did argue that the drop off from top dog to cellar dweller in the SEC was drastic and that the Big-12 was more well rounded. But come on, really?

Coach Stoops’ memory must not be serving him too well because he forgot the fact that his teams are 1-3 against the SEC over the past decade. The most recent 41-13 loss to Texas A&M, former member of his beloved Big-12 conference, during the 2013 Cotton Bowl must have slipped the coach’s mind.

Or maybe he just decided to block out the memory of the Sooners’ 24-14 BCS Championship loss to Florida in 2009. Stoops owns a career 3-4 record against the SEC and has failed to win a game since 2003, even before the championship dominance of the conference began.

If championship victories aren’t enough indication of the SEC dominance over college football, last month’s NFL Draft should be a deciding factor. A record 63 players were drafted from SEC schools, with 32 coming from the SEC East and 31 from the SEC West separately. The ACC finished second, tying the SEC West with a total of 31.

In 2011, featured a study conducted by ESPN The Magazine researching the number of active NFL players by conference affiliation. The SEC ranked first with 308, accounting for 25.6 percent of the league. Four of the top ten most common schools (LSU, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee) were affiliated with the SEC.

Although Coach Stoops may have some credibility arguing that the bottom tier of the SEC may not be up to par with the more dominant teams, his comments questioning the dominance of the Southeastern Conference are either out of spite or just plain ludicrous. The SEC dominance of college football may be a highly discussed topic by college football media outlets, but it is hardly propaganda. High praise for a conference responsible for the most consecutive championships and the greatest number of talent produced is completely justified.

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