For Sale Signs Go Up At Nick Saban's Estate

By Corey Elliot
John David Mercer-USA Today Sports Images

Nick Saban is selling his lakefront estate in the Georgia Mountains.

A three-story lighthouse with a custom boat house is the norm for the head coach with the most national championships in the BCS era. But, apparently it’s no longer enough. With Saban’s salary, though, I don’t blame him.

Its current estimated worth is not known, however, Saban bought it when it was listed at $10.95 million.

Chump change.

A 9,600-square-foot home for the head coach at the University of Alabama isn’t exactly what Paul
“Bear” Bryant
had. But, then again, times are changing. The athletes are better, the recruiting is more cut-throat than ever and a coach’s loyalty isn’t as guaranteed as it once was.

Does anybody remember Bryant’s explanation for taking the Alabama job while still under contract with Texas A&M? “Mamma called and when mamma calls you just have to come running.”

Ah, yes, if only it was still that way, coaches leaving for their alma-mater out of the simplicity of wanting to return where it all started. Instead, it isn’t mamma calling anymore. Mamma may be calling, but for coaches like Saban, Mamma is no match for the amount of money some of the other schools are willing to dangle out in front of you.

And this isn’t the first humongous house that a college football coach has had on the market. Bobby Petrino’s Fayetteville palace sold for $1.7 million in 2012.

I can only imagine why Saban would be selling an already ridiculously amazing home. While I’d like to assume he is moving into a new place there is a part of me that suggests this isn’t his only residence.

More power to you, coach. Buy 12 houses if you want. At the end of the day, nobody can really blame you. After all, the way it’s going you’re probably going to need to buy a house just to turn into your own private BCS museum with all your crystal balls on display.

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