How Can 11 National Championships Be Unimpressive?

By Corey Elliot
David Richard-USA Today Sports Images

Division III football coach Larry Kehres of Alliance, Ohio’s Mount Union will step down after 27 seasons, with a .929 winning percentage.

He will retire with the best winning percentage of any college football coach at a four year institution, surpassing Knute Rockne of Notre Dame. Kehres will remain the athletic director for Mount Union after stepping down as head coach.

He accumulated a record of 322-24-3 during his tenure at Mount union while racking up 11 national championships.

I can appreciate such staggering numbers and the ability to coach at the college level no matter what division. However, it’s not like he accomplished all of this coaching the Ohio State Buckeyes. I mean that with the utmost respect, of course. But what can we seriously take away from something that really isn’t as dominant as it looks on paper?

Could I do what he did? Well, no, but could he do what Nick Saban has done?

If we are going to praise a coach and give his ego and his accomplishments the media’s form of HGH then we need to hold these coaches at a higher level than Division III football. It is an amazing feat regardless, but it doesn’t call for a national holiday named after him. There is also a red flag as to why he never left that level of coaching. Sure, maybe I’m looking way too far into all of this. Perhaps I should just give this guy a high-five and call it a day.

Or, maybe I should continue to stress the fact that a coach as good as Kehres should have moved onto bigger and better things over the course of his 27 years. There are high school coaches that stay around forever. I get it. But the college level–at any level–is different than a local high school icon.

At some point, dunking on an eight-foot goal just isn’t that impressive anymore. Do you catch my drift?

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