How Should Texas' 2014 Recruiting Class Be Measured?

By Corey Elliot
Brendan Maloney-USA Today Sports Images

The Texas Longhorns currently have the No.1-rated recruiting class for 2014.

After only signing 15 recruits this spring, the Longhorns have moved aggressively towards making a big impact on signing day in 2014 with 13 commitments thus far.

With former Alabama staff member Patrick Suddes joining the coaching staff, it is evident that Mack Brown realizes the situation at hand. The Longhorns have got to start developing the talent they get to Austin or it is going to be another long season and quite possibly the last for Brown.

Suddes became the Longhorns director of player-personnel with hopes that he could bring an impact to Austin much like he did in Tuscaloosa over time with Nick Saban. Along with his hire, the University of Texas has brought in Bob Shipley, father of former Longhorn Jordan Shipley and current Longhorn Jaxon Shipley.

On some levels, I question the intentions of a school like Texas making moves like these. Has it really become that difficult to get talent onto the 40 acres? Have Mack and everyone on his coaching staff not named Duane Akina lost their ability to develop talent?

Sure, the recruiting class for 2013 has promise and 2014 is already looking fantastic. As much as I love recruiting and all the hype around the promise a player has, I try not to put all my eggs in that basket. If this turns out to be successful and both of the aforementioned hires have a serious impact there won’t be anyone as happy as me.

But, it doesn’t matter how many four- and five-star recruits you can get committed and enrolled if you can’t develop their talent accordingly. It’s the same as having a million dollars. If you don’t know how to spend and invest, there is no amount of money satisfying enough.

The new era of recruiting Texas has ushered in has seemed like nothing short of success but I’ll let the trophy case determine that.

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