Notre Dame Isn't Chickening Out But Still Wrong to Pull Out of Michigan Rivalry

By Ben Grimaldi
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The MichiganNotre Dame rivalry is one of the best college football has to offer so it’s extremely curious as to why the Fighting Irish have backed out of their traditional match-up with the Wolverines. To hear Michigan head coach Brady Hoke tell it, the Irish are “chickening out” of the game.

While those are rather strong words, it’s tough to say that Notre Dame is chickening out but they certainly are being a tad cowardly by leaving the rivalry behind. Perhaps they will now change their name to the Notre Dame Irish because they are refusing to “fight” with one of the better teams on their schedule.

Notre Dame isn’t chickening out but they are dead wrong to pull out of the rivalry game with Michigan. Spare me the talk that the Irish already have two Big 10 games on their schedule and they need to cut back because they need to keep up with their new ACC schedule. If that’s the case, they should drop Purdue or Michigan St. from their schedule because neither one of those games means as much as the game with Michigan does. Or Notre Dame should drop a game against another team, Pittsburgh or Temple are easy candidates, from their schedule to accomodate a traditional rival.

Tradition is a word means something to college football and by leaving the rivarly game with Michigan, Notre Dame is crapping all over tradition to win more games. I’m sorry, is there another way to put it? By keeping teams like Purdue and Temple on the schedule instead of Michigan, it reeks of a team trying to win more games. Doesn’t Notre Dame pride itself on being one of the schools who has the highest standards both academically and atheletically? That doesn’t appear to be the case now.

Maybe Notre Dame isn’t chickening out of their rivalry with Michigan but they aren’t challenging themselves either. The Irish are wrong to pull out of their traditional game with Michigan, it’s that simple.

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