Oklahoma State Going Too Far With Wes Lunt Transfer Restrictions

By Jack Jorgensen
Matt Kartozian- USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, Oklahoma State QB West Lunt was informed by head coach Mike Gundy that his chances of being the starting man this fall were very slim following spring practices. So, just like many before him that have had playing time either limited or taken away completely, Lunt made the conscious decision that he would maybe like to try his hand at another university.

At the time of the split, it seemed that both parties involved were satisfied with the way they were leaving one another. Oklahoma State wished Lunt well in wherever he may land, and Lunt was more than gracious towards the hospitality he received from the folks during his time in Stillwater.

And to think, we fell for that.

While Lunt may have been as gracious as advertised, we learned today that Oklahoma State and head coach Mike Gundy, while they may indeed have wished Lunt well wherever he ends up, were planning on restricting exactly where the former four-star recruit could try to enhance his talents.

OSU announced today that Lunt is restricted from transferring to any SEC school, any Big 12 school, any Pac 12 school, Central Michigan University, and the University of Southern Mississippi.

So basically, at quick glance, Lunt is pretty much restricted from playing meaningful college football anywhere within the confines of the continental United States, and possibly parts of Mexico.

Realistically, these restrictions are petty and in no way portrays Mike Gundy nor the university in any sort of positive light. Now yes, there are precedents where schools have restricted transfers from transferring within their own conference–in this case that would validate restricting the Big 12. It’s also commonplace for schools to prevent transfers from going to a school where a recent member of the coaching staff may have headed–this validates restricting the move to Southern Miss, to prevent any kind of tampering issues.

However, these type of restrictions are going a bit too far.

With former Cowboys offensive coordinator Todd Monken now the head coach at Southern Miss, that restriction makes a bit of sense. In the same category, Central Michigan is a future OSU opponent, so that one makes sense as well. They may not be viewed in the same vain as the others on the ‘Wes Lunt No-Fly Zone’ list, however their restrictions come with valid reasoning.

Now, in regards to the others on the list. This is where the pettiness sets in.

Restricting Lunt from ALL SEC schools as well as ALL Pac-12 schools is simply ludicrous. Two of the schools that Lunt was reportedly interested in–you know, places where he would be happyTennessee and Vanderbilt, have been immediately eliminated from the Lunt sweepstakes with this decision. There is no reason other than spite for Gundy and the university to decide upon this.

Also, because we’re all apparently supposed to have short memories, it’s supposed to be forgotten that Gundy is restricting the young man from the same conference that he flirted with last year when he mulled over moves to both Tennessee and Arkansas. But, you know, that’s different because HE’S A MAN! HE’S 40! Well, okay he’s 45 now, but you get my point.

I’m more interested in whether or not Lunt and his family knew of these restrictions at the time of the decision to leave the Cowboys. We may find that information out down the road, but I would be willing to bet that they either didn’t make these restrictions known or they put them in the vaguest of terms, so as to create a smokescreen for today’s actions.

It’s an unfortunate incident because, as I said before, this seemed like a situation that was free from any sort of ugliness. You have to forgive me because sometimes I forget what sport I’m dealing with.

With all of this known, it certainly seems right now that a move back home to Illinois, which was also among the rumored schools of interest, has become much much more possible.

In the end, it’s another example of an institution taking advantage of a talented young human being by hindering his ability to succeed, no matter how petty the measures are that they are willing to take.


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