Should the Texas Longhorns Bring Vince Young Back?

By Corey Elliot


Matt Konezny-USA Today Sports Images

The Texas Longhorns need to welcome back Vince Young as a part of their football program in one way or another.

Whether the Longhorn legend becomes a coach, member of the broadcast team or a part of the athletic department’s staff, there are opportunities for Young to return to the 40 acres.

The two-time Rose Bowl MVP and national champion recently finished his degree and now, after working out at Texas’ pro day, seems to have conceded the efforts to return to the NFL.

So, my question is why haven’t Mack Brown or the athletic department opened the door to Young? It’s becoming obvious that Young will not get to see his NFL career continue, unfortunately.

Maybe coaching isn’t a comfortable profession for Young. Maybe he thinks of returning as a last resort and therefore it’s more of a pride issue. Who knows?

Maybe Young just can’t bring himself to fall back on the Texas Football Program like an I’ve-got-nothing-left safety net. Maybe the coaches have offered something to him and he passed on it because he has other plans. I know his life can’t revolve around Texas as much as Longhorns fans wish it would. But, then again, maybe he would welcome the idea or, maybe there are just too many maybes.

The last five years have been difficult for Young, to say the least. Aside from off-field issues, his trouble finding an opportunity in the league reached it’s boiling point when the Buffalo Bills released him before the start of last season and then drafted a less successful and less talented version of Young in EJ Manuel in this April’s draft.

If that isn’t a kick to the groin I don’t know what is.

Maybe my desires to have Young back with program in some form or fashion are just plain selfish. I think there is so much to gain by making him a member of the coaching staff or athletic department. I’m sure he has other things he wants to do because he is still young. But, he loves football and if he isn’t going to get the opportunity to play for an NFL team then at least give him an option to do something where he is revered by so many.

I guess I’d just like for the school and especially the football program, since he did so much on the field, to return the favor for Young off the field and bring him back where he belongs.

Bring him home, Texas. Bring him all the way home to Austin, Texas, baby.


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