Duke Football Sends 115 Letters, NFL Draft Picture to Three-Star Recruit

By Jack Jorgensen
Mark Dolejs- USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that in today’s cutthroat world of college football recruiting, coaches and recruiting personnel want to take any means, staying within their legal boundaries of course, to secure the commitment of a player that they believe will make their program better in the long run.

Now, in today’s social media and technologically-driven collegiate sports atmosphere, the recruiting process has evolved. It’s no longer coaches sitting down and promising a prospective talent’s parents or legal guardians that they will take care of their prized possession for the next four years, and the deal is done. No, times have progressed.

The kids themselves need to be wowed into a decision. More or less, show me that it will be cool to come to your University.

Well, of all squads, David Cutcliffe and the Duke Blue Devils recently showed one young man how cool it would be to play football for them in Durham. Cutcliffe and staff reached out to three-star defensive prospect Harrison Phillips out of Omaha, Nebraska and let it be known that grabbing his services is a priority of the program.

First, they let it be known that Phillips was on their mind–by sending 115 letters….

Now, it’s certainly great to be wanted. But there’s also another concern on the minds of college recruits. What is my life going to be like after I leave your University?

Well, the Duke recruiting team had that covered as well…

So apparently, if you go to play football at Duke, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be taking up residence in San Diego in a few years.

All joking aside though, these examples are a testament to just how the recruiting landscape has changed.

The Blue Devils were wildly successful last season for their standards, which included a highly-rare appearance in a bowl game, and they no doubt want to keep that up. Dropping back into obscurity seems to not be an option for the staff. If that means being a tad overly-obsessive to a recruit so they can keep their momentum in full force, then so be it.


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