What is Case McCoy's Future with the Texas Longhorns?

By Marian Hinton
Brett Davis: USA TODAY Sports Images

This weekend,  Texas Longhorns back-up quarterback, Case McCoy, made a comment on Twitter that left Texas fans in a bit of a frenzy and wondering about the soon-to-be-senior’s future with the team.

It all began when the younger McCoy tweeted out that he would soon be leaving for a life-changing, ten-week mission trip. Now, very few people will fault a kid for volunteering to do mission work. In fact, it’s incredibly noble and honorable. However, what left some Longhorn fans up in arms is that ten weeks will take up almost the entire summer which means that McCoy would likely be absent for summer workouts with his teammates.

Workouts during the summer, per NCAA rules, must be “voluntary” and student-led, but everyone knows that players are expected to participate. Though starting quarterback David Ash will lead the summer workouts, fans have to be uneasy about the fact that the No. 1 back-up quarterback may not be participating.

Here is the original tweet from Case along with the reply from his father, Brad McCoy:

Making things even more confusing to Texas fans, is that once the news spread to message boards, the tweet was promptly edited by Case with no mention of being gone for ten weeks:

Again, I don’t know of anyone who would condemn a young man’s commitment to helping those less fortunate; nevertheless, Case’s decision to miss summer workouts has some wondering about his commitment to the team.

It was announced immediately after the season that Ash is the team’s undisputed starter heading into the fall, and it’s expected that Case, who shared time with Ash last season, would back him up. However, throughout the spring, many reports stated that true freshman Tyrone Swoopes was turning some heads, some even claimed that he could soon pass up McCoy as the team’s No. 2 guy.

Case’s tweet raises several questions: First, will he really miss summer workouts with the team? Secondly, if so, does his decision add fuel to the rumors that Swoopes could indeed bypass Case? And lastly, does Case, who recently graduated but did not walk, plan to return to the team at all this fall?

Fans will soon find out.

Though some may not agree with his timing, you have to give the young McCoy credit for giving his time to help those in need and for seeing that life is bigger than football; it simply leaves us wondering what his future with the Texas Longhorns may be.

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