Will Rivalry Between Syracuse Orange and Boston College Eagles Start in the ACC?

By Tyler Brett
Rich Barnes – USA TODAY Sports

As the Syracuse Orange make the move to the ACC in 2013, they will need to build new rivalries as they leave the Big East behind. With the ACC looking to create a “rivalry week” during the final week of the regular season, it becomes important for Cuse to figure out who their natural enemy is on the football field. Could the Boston College Eagles emerge as a rivalry in the Atlantic Division?

Syracuse doesn’t have a lot of strong ties to a rival already as they enter the ACC, so they are primed to find a new foe. They don’t have strong ties to a non-conference rival like the Florida State Seminoles have with the Florida Gators or the Clemson Tigers with the South Carolina Gamecocks, so they are a good candidate to pick up a rival in their new conference.

Boston College makes a lot of sense for the Orange to feud with. They are both excellent academic institutions in the Northeast and are a short distance away from each other allowing fans to travel to both schools for games. They also have a history, playing nearly every season from 1961 to 2004 when BC made the move to the ACC, leaving Syracuse behind in the Big East.

But the biggest reason they would make for good rivals is that they are both in roughly the same place competitively in the ACC landscape. They are breaking in new coaches at the same time with major question-marks at multiple positions and will likely be playing with potential bowl eligibility on the line at the end of the season. A rivalry can’t be completely one-sided from a talent standpoint and Syracuse and BC are close enough to at least make the contests interesting.

It isn’t anything that can be forced, however. Rivalries have to occur naturally and organically for there to be any real heat to it. The ingredients for a budding Syracuse-Boston College rivalry seem to be in place, but will there be a spark to set off a new rivalry in 2013?

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