The Time Has Come For Mike Gundy to Act Like A Man

By Rick Stavig
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On September 22nd, 2007, Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy made the national headlines when he reamed a reporter out for questioning the depth chart.  Quarterback Bobby Reid was demoted to second string, and a journalist wrote a column going over possible reasons why he was demoted, since the program itself gave no official reason for the change.  Gundy blew up on the columnist, famously declaring “Come after me!  I’m a man!  I’m forty!”.

While declaring his age and gender while humiliating someone else is hardly the makings of a ‘man’, now is the time for Gundy to truly act like a man and let one of his players transfer away from OSU quietly.

Cowboys quarterback Wes Lunt, a 4-star quarterback prospect from the 2012 signing class, has decided he wants to transfer to a different school.  Seems simple enough, right?  Well, Mike ‘The Man’ Gundy has decided to make it a little bit trickier for the 19 year old quarterback.  Gundy has placed outrageous restrictions on which schools he’s ‘allowed’ to go to.

The schools restricted?  Every school in the Big 12.  Every school in the SEC.  Every school in the Pac-12.  Oh, and just because he’s a ‘man’, and he can, he also put a restriction on Southern Miss and Central Michigan.

Seriously?  Gundy, you’re a ‘man’, and you’re essentially holding a 19 year old hostage!

I can understand putting restrictions on Big 12 schools.  After all, that’s the very conference the Cowboys are in, and Gundy won’t want to have to go against Lunt every year for the next few seasons.

But what about the SEC?  OSU only has Mississippi State from the SEC on their schedule in the foreseeable future.  So why wouldn’t Lunt be allowed to transfer to either Vanderbilt or Tennessee (two schools on Lunt’s original wish list)?  It’s the same story with the Pac-12.

The only possible conclusion for the SEC and the Pac 12 restrictions is that the Big 12 has bowl arrangements with those conferences.  But the Big 12 also has bowl arrangements with the Big Ten, yet that conference isn’t on the restricted list.

Southern Miss and CMU?  Well, Lunt would’ve loved to go to Southern Miss, because the coach that recruited him to Stillwater, Todd Monken, is now the head man in Hattiesburg.  But Gundy thinks that if Lunt transfers to his old coach, others will follow suit.  Oh, and CMU plays OSU in 2015 and 2016, so obviously Gundy can’t let that happen.  Ya know, in case Lunt, with an incredibly mediocre MAC team, beats up on the powerhouse Cowboys from the Big 12.

Seriously, Gundy, what do you or your program stand to lose by having Lunt transfer to Vanderbilt?  Or Southern Miss? Is it because there’s a slight chance you might face him in a bowl game?  And even if you do, are you that afraid?  I thought you were a ‘man’!  Remember, back on September 22nd, 2007?  “I’m a man!  I’m forty!”?  What kind of man does this to a 19 year old kid?

Gundy used to have the reputation of a players coach.  In his mind he was a ‘man’s man’.  But now look at him; putting a 19 year old kid through the ringer and for what?  What does Gundy possibly have to gain through all of this?  I wish I was ‘man’ enough to know what’s going through Gundy’s mind, but obviously I’m not.

It would really be interesting to see how Gundy explains this escapade to his recruits, and more importantly, the parents of his recruits.  “Have your son come play for me at Oklahoma State! He can learn to be a man!  But if he decides Stillwater isn’t the place for him, I’ll drag him through hell!  Because I’m a man!”

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