Kevin Sumlin's Guilty Pleasure

By Corey Elliot
Tim Heitman-USA Today Sports Images

What does the head coach for the Texas A&M Aggies do to get away from the stresses of the X’s and O’s?

He goes to the Indianapolis 500, every year.

Sumlin was out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday during the track’s Carburation day, but it wasn’t a publicity stunt. The Aggies head coach is a big fan of the greatest spectacle in racing.

“I come here with my boys (sons) every year. We love it,” Sumlin said.

As a native Texan turned resident of Indianapolis, there is nothing better than the publicity a head coach like Sumlin brings to the greatest spectacle in racing. Along with the hospitality Indianapolis offers, the sporting events around the city this month were exciting and attracted a lot of celebrities and personalities from all different outlets.

Sumlin couldn’t completely get away, though, along with watching the racing, he had some media obligations to do as well. He was featured on the Sirius XM satellite radio show for college football as well as local news interviews. On race day he was featured as a red-carpet celebrity in the race program.

It was an exciting year for the Aggies as they took on the SEC for the first time and saw a healthy amount of success. Sumlin might as well get used to not being able to go to such a big event without being noticed and pestered with media requests.

In fact, the head coach of the Aggies was even nice enough to give me 10 minutes of his time to talk about last season, this season and the possibility of the Texas A&M vs. Texas rivalry continuing someday.

That story is coming soon.

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