What Is Going On At the University of Notre Dame?

By Corey Elliot
Matt Cashore-USA Today Sports Images

I don’t personally know Everett Golson, but how you could become academically ineligible when you’re the quarterback for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is so far beyond me it’s unfathomable.

There are expectations and standards that student-athletes are held to by their respective universities to be eligible, and then there are standards that student-athletes are supposed to hold themselves to, while not written rules, they are just as important.

Accountability is a huge quality to have, but a rare one to find these days.

There has to be an underlying reason to all of this. I can’t imagine Golson, who looked like such a stand-up guy all of last season, just struggling so badly with no help-system or assistance.

While this is a big problem off the field, Notre Dame now must try to solve a big problem off the field.

Who will play QB for the Irish next fall? As you may recall, Gunner Kiel transferred out of Notre Dame after it became evident that Golson was going to be the guy for the next several years. It’s very troublesome for Irish fans as it is a very difficult thought to wrap their minds around. It all comes back to one single question: how could this have happened?

While Notre Dame will scramble to answer questions about the issue off the field, it will have to work even harder to answer the questions on the field when it doesn’t have a quality, experienced and developed QB under center for the 2013 season.

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