Bad Business In College Football

By Corey Elliot
Charles LeClaire-USA Today Sports Images

Do you know what the funniest thing I heard all weekend was?

Charlie Weis was paid more than Brian Kelley in 2011.

Given Kelley wasn’t what he is now in 2011, paying a coach that you thought wasn’t capable of getting the job done more than the coach you hired because you think he can get the job done is beyond humorous to me.

Can you imagine your favorite school’s coach getting dumped because he isn’t good enough and then you come to find out that your favorite school still paid him a boat load of cash, while he was sitting at home without a coaching job, or in the case of Weis, go find another coaching job and still get paid by your former school?

The problem is the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately scenario. The coaching carousel is no longer just a fun nickname given to the offseason coaching search and the problem isn’t just in college football. The same thing happens in the NFL and in college basketball.

If your team falls short and there is no one else to blame, then the blame will most likely always fall on the coach. Yes, and because of that, we now have schools that are so desperate to win and win now that they will pay big money for a new coach, while breaking off the old coach.

Yes, ignorance is bliss—or so they say.

All I know is this, firing your coach is probably only necessary when you have a sub .500 record or if you don’t have to pay him after you get rid of him.

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