Georgia Bulldogs Safety Josh Harvey-Clemons Could Miss the Opener Versus the Clemson Tigers

By Ranting Dawg
Josh Harvey Clemons Georgia Bulldogs
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

About once or twice a year a player on nearly every team in college football does something so dumb you question how he made it to college in the first place. Just last week Everett Golston, the quarterback for the BCS National Championship losing Notre Dame, was removed from the school for rumored academic fraud. The Georgia Bulldogs are no stranger to players that like to hurt their own NFL Draft status as just this past year we had Alec Ogletree and Bacarri Rambo fall further than they would have if they had a clean record.

The one who fell from grace this year just so happens to be another safety, likely starter Josh Harvey-Clemons. In an incident he will regret for the rest of his career, he was caught smoking marijuana in a dorm room with already transferred tight end prospect Ty Smith. This was Smith’s second offense this year, and he was “advised” to take a transfer with the option to clean up his act and possibly transfer back.

I am personally of the opinion that what you do in your own home is your business, but when you have the opportunity to earn professional sports money there are things you can put on the back burner. “Smoking a blunt”, as Clemons put it, should have been the least of his ambitions. There are just some things in life that can wait until you have retired and you own your own home. How in the world a person could think smoking weed in a dorm room would be a good idea is way beyond me. Let’s just hope he gets his act straight in time to play South Carolina and LSU.

Harvey-Clemons should, and likely will, miss the opener against the Clemson Tigers as Mark Richt has become much less lenient in years past when dealing with poor decision making.


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