Clemson Tigers Should be Scared of Georgia Bulldogs with Deshaun Watson

By Ranting Dawg
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College football recruiting has become a pastime by itself over the last few years. Players, coaches and fans alike see it as big news when a top player at any position commits to a team, but they will all agree that the commitment is not where the recruitment ends; that’s merely where it has taken new direction. When a top player commits to a school he is putting that school on the hot seat. They will have to continuously prove to the recruit that he was right by committing to them, because until National Signing Day other schools will continue to recruit him and new schools will join in.

Deshaun Watson committed to the Clemson Tigers nearly a full year before he could sign a letter of intent, and that is a very long time to keep a commitment in the world of college football recruiting. Since then he has been targeted by Alabama and he has been continuously recruited by Auburn, Ohio State, and Georgia. Georgia made him their top, and only, priority at the quarterback position for the entire recruiting cycle by not offering any other 2014 quarterback prospects.

Recruiting insiders have been saying all along that the recruitment of Deshaun Watson is not over, even though the Clemson Tigers asked him to promise not to visit any other schools and shut down his recruitment. This week they were proved right as Watson was spotted at Auburn over the weekend, and even after denying it he was proven to have been there. This poses a very big problem for the Clemson Tigers as they are used to getting big time talent to commit but can’t seem to keep them on board.

Watson is a big time prospect as nearly a top 5 QB by all services, and he would do himself a favor by taking as many visits as he is allowed by the NCAA. Clemson’s problem is that they ask their commitments to stop being recruited and shut down the process that so many find so fun. It’s almost like dating someone when you are still in high school and asking for a committed relationship before you have even had time to meet any other people.

Clemson is hurting themselves and they need to see this. Schools like Georgia allow their commitments to take all of their visits because they realize this usually only happens once in your life and you should enjoy the free trips all over the country and the national exposure.

Georgia still stands a chance at pulling Watson away from Clemson, although it isn’t the most likely scenario. Watson lives in Georgia, around Georgia Bulldogs fans and his coaches also like UGA, but no one will push Watson in any direction as they realize this is his decision to make. Just don’t give up hope Georgia fans, cause I’m saying “there’s still a chance” in my best Lloyd Christmas voice.

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