Did Nick Saban Take a Shot at Urban Meyer?

By Jack Jorgensen
Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

Well, did he or didn’t he? This has been the question that has been taking up most of the time in the college football world for the majority of the day.

Today, during the SEC meetings, Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban was discussing the lately enormously-hot topic of a possible nine-game conference schedule. Everyone was going to hear the view on this subject from the man whose opinion is respected the most.

As Saban was explaining his perspective on the matter, he got to one point where he thought out loud to himself. Or, maybe he had planned on getting this out of his system publicly. See how confusing this is already? And, I haven’t even showed you the comment yet.

He used examples of how tougher competition benefits everyone in the end. He stressed the importance of strength of schedule, while indirectly endorsing the superiority of his conference.

Then, he decided to use an example from another conference. He decided to use a particular team from another conference as that example. Well, he used the one team from the Big Ten that we would expect him to use in this scenario.

Matt Hayes from the Sporting News, who was at the meetings, tweeted this out earlier today which caused a near internet explosion of debate….

Yes, this is where the questions started to, not only arise, but consume the computers and smartphone devices of every college football fan from coast-to-coast. “DID NICK TAKE A SHOT AT, URBAN?!!’ “IS URBAN GOING TO RESPOND?”

I don’t know about that second question, which I saw enough of today, but I have my answer regarding that first question. And it is–well, that’s also an “I don’t know.”

But, you see, that’s what makes this all so intriguing. It’s the fact that we don’t know, but man do we want to. Sure I’ve seen all sorts of speculation as the day progressed today, even having a teeter-totter of opinions in my own brain, but all that speculation did was confirm that fact that we have no idea how Nick TRULY meant that.

This is hard for some people–I know, but with this particular situation, you have to take the cap off of your head sporting your school’s colors and put your college football fan one on and firmly admit–Ohio State and Alabama for the final BCS National Championship next January is the only game that we want to see.

Stuff like what sparked such an uproar today only further validates that notion.


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