Oklahoma Sooners Coach Bob Stoops Volunteers to Help Victims in Moore, Oklahoma

By Marian Hinton
Photo Courtesy of @Kenny_Mossman, University of Oklahoma

It’s one thing for an athlete, coach, or any other celebrity to encourage people to help those less fortunate in times of need; it’s quite another to anonymously donate ones time and effort and do it himself. That’s exactly what Oklahoma Sooners head football coach Bob Stoops has done, however, to aid the victims in Moore, Oklahoma.

Nearly a week after a tornado struck the town of Moore, killing dozens of its residents and leaving nothing but destruction in its wake, the townspeople are still trying to clean up the mess and devastation that was left behind as they prepare to rebuild and start their lives over again.

Stoops has been vocal in getting others from the state to offer aid to the residents of Moore, but this time, he took it a step further. Apparently, the coach showed up yesterday to help clean up the debris the tornado left behind–no doubt a very classy thing to do. Even more so, however, is the fact that he was there a half hour, working anonymously, before anyone even noticed who he was. It wasn’t until a fellow OU faculty member saw him and posted a picture on Facebook of him working alongside the others, that people realized it was actually Coach Stoops.

According to OU’s athletic office, they didn’t even know he was there.

Again, it’s easy for people in Stoops’ position to encourage others to go out and give their time and money to help others, even more impressive for them to donate money themselves. However, for Stoops to go out, get his hands dirty, and help others with no expectation that anyone would even know he was there, is truly practicing what he preaches and serves as a good example to us all.




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