A Guide to the Georgia Bulldogs Winning the BCS Title in 2013

By M. Shannon Smallwood
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From the files of It’s Never Too Early to Dream, this sports writer would like to be the first to throw it out there to all of those who bleed Red, Black and wear Silver Britches for the Georgia Bulldogs just exactly what needs to happen for the BCS National Championship to return to Athens.

And without bragging, at least not too much, ole Woody Smalls has been dead on with the fate of the Dawgs the past two seasons. Ask any of those who will admit to being a friend (hopefully a few will back me up on this) who talked them down from the ledge in 2011 after starting the season 0-2. That’s right. This guy said to all of Georgia Nation that the Bulldogs would still end up in the SEC title game. The great College Football brain that sits in this head even predicted Georgia’s fate last season losing to the South Carolina Gamecocks but still making it back to the SEC Championship.

So let it be known that here on May 31, 2013, you will already know how your season is going to end up if you are a Georgia fan.

First of all, take a deep breath and sit down; you are going to start the season at 0-1. Yes, this game is much more important for the Clemson Tigers and ACC Football as a whole. Plus Georgia is always a little slow out of the gate. These are two mirror image teams, but the Tigers are going to win a close and classic game for the ages to open up the 2013 season.

But don’t despair. The Bulldogs will rebound to beat the Gamecocks, beat cupcake central and will also handle the LSU Tigers so just like that you are at 3-1.

The key though is South Carolina. That is a chicken Georgia has to find a way to ring the neck of in 2013. The Gamecocks have one of the easiest schedules in the nation, and Steve Spurrier knows he has a cake walk to the SEC Title if he beats Georgia. But Mark Richt and Aaron Murray will be on a mission that game, and the winner of this contest will be the Eastern Division Champion for sure.

It will not be pretty at times, but Georgia will win the next seven games, including another victory over the Florida Gators in Jacksonville, taking it to 10-1. It will own the tie-breaker with the Gamecocks meaning it will have two games in Atlanta to win before punching its ticket to the BCS in Pasadena.

Rumors are swirling that Paul Johnson has the Pistol Offense in place for his Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets but will hold onto it until the Georgia game giving the Dawgs one heck of a battle. It could even be an overtime game this season in Atlanta, but the Bulldogs will win finishing the regular season at 11-1.

Next up in the SEC Championship will be the Texas A&M Aggies. That’s right folks. A&M will win that epic battle with the Alabama Crimson Tide on September 14 and will enter the game at 11-1 as well (the ole gut is telling this guy LSU clips them on November 23 in Baton Rouge). A classic battle that will eclipse the 2012 title game will ensue. It will be an overtime extravaganza that Murray will find a way to out duel Johnny Manziel delivering the Bulldogs the SEC Title and a trip to play for all the marbles.

And who is the team in Pasadena standing in Georgia’s way? None other than the team that upended Georgia to open the season in Clemson who enter the game undefeated and No. 1 in the nation (if you don’t believe it take a look at the Tigers’ schedule). Yep. And this time the Bulldogs will prevail 39-34 hoisting the last ever BCS Trophy and the first in 33 years.

Remember where you heard it first. Until then, follow our 100 Teams in 100 Days Preview. Carry on.


M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association.

Follow him @woodysmalls.

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