Gordon Gee of Ohio State Buckeyes Proves Bigotry Is Alive and Well In College Football

By Devin O'Barr
Gordon Gee at the Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball Game
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The level of crookedness, bigotry and downright selfishness prevalent in the game of College Football is getting more disgusting by the day. When millionaire coaches are telling their players that they don’t deserve to make any money off of the sport they make famous, were you at all surprised by Gordon Gee‘s recent comments?

I wasn’t.

Gee has been the Ohio State Buckeyes president since 2007, and despite probably saying racist and idiotic things for years, he was caught in the act earlier this week. Excerpts from a Gee speech have been found as the Buckeyes leader bashed the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Roman Catholics and the SEC all in one speech — now that’s impressive!

On a less sarcastic note, this is a microcosm of just how shady college football is. Usually it’s the bigots of the southern schools who make this kind of noise, but with proof that a prestigious school like Ohio State is operating under the same racist guidelines the ball game has now changed.

To go into detail, Gee called the leaders at Notre Dame “Holy hell” to deal with and went on to say “You just can’t trust those damn Catholics.” Obviously, Gee must have thought he was in a local bar where phrases like that are tolerated if not accepted.

Gee would dig himself an even bigger grave by calling the SEC out for a lack of intellect — Gee believes the powers that be in that conference should learn how to read and write. Constant jabs at other races is nothing new to the world of college football, so I’m interested to see what the SEC has to say in response to Gee’s demeaning comments.

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