How Big Can College Football Stadiums Get?

By Corey Elliot
Randy Sartin-USA Today Sports

Ohio State University is adding 2,500 more seats to their already gigantic stadium. This will put the Buckeyes at 104,000.

This brings to mind a question I have often pondered.

Why are NFL stadiums so much smaller than college stadiums? In 2008, the Indianapolis Colts built Lucas Oil Stadium, but it was barely bigger than the RCA dome, their recent home.

College stadiums are setting the bar these days. We all know that the Dallas Cowboys‘ stadium is the best out there because it seats 100,000 and has the best video board in the world, but these stadiums are big and there is no ceiling to just how big they can get.

Take Texas for example. They added seats to the North end of their stadium in 2008 and it wasn’t that long ago that the Michigan Wolverines added more seats to the big house in Ann Arbor. It isn’t just for show. There are people waiting to get tickets to see these teams play. The question is whether there are more waiting and willing to attend college games than NFL games.

It’s hard to say because the NFL has become the new pastime of America, but the NFL is non-existent if there is no college football. So which has more fans flooding Stubhub and eBay for seats? I am more of a college fan than NFL and in my opinion, there is nothing like a college football Saturday.

I have a feeling like I’m not the only one and, truth be told, I have a feeling schools like Ohio State aren’t done adding seats to their stadium.

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