How Do Earlier Games Help The Oregon Ducks in the Long Run?

By vincentwinter
Autzen Stadium
Matt Olmos – USA Today Sports

As this season’s schedule is becoming more finalized, the times of the games are proving to be more valuable to the success of the University of Oregon football program.

One of the biggest knocks last season on the Oregon Ducks was the fact that their games were so late at night (average starting time around 7 p.m. PST) that only a select group of people could watch. This season Oregon starts their campaign off with a 1:00 p.m. game and a pair of 12:30 games on nationally televised channels.

Oregon is known as a team with flashy jerseys, but now that they are becoming a dominant force in the NCAA, they are trying to become known as more than just the “team with cool jerseys.” More people watching the Ducks means that when it comes time to rank them amongst the other greats in the nation there will be a bigger sample size to judge them from.

This past season Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott wanted to get Oregon in the national spotlight, helping the Ducks and Pac-12 grow bigger on the national scene.

Why did it take the Ducks so long to get this respect, even though they’ve been dominant for the past five seasons?

Most recently it has to do with Oregon’s deal with the Pac-12 Network and the exclusive rights they held over the team. After the network’s initial season, they have ironed out what didn’t work last season and will make sure to put the Ducks front and center.

You can always count on Oregon being on an ABC televised game or an ESPN game, but it is good to see that the Pac-12 Network is doing their half to ensure that the Ducks get as much of the national spotlight as they can.


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