Report: Three Naval Academy Players Under Sexual Assault Investigation

By Jack Jorgensen
Cary Edmondson- USA TODAY Sports

The college football off-season never fails to produce any kind of off-the-field drama for a number of institutions every year. There are transfers, suspensions, and academic issues–among other things.

However, in a few highly-unfortunate cases, there are incidents such as the one being reported by

United States Naval Academy officials confirmed to the site that three members of the football program are under investigation for alleged sexual assault. The names of the players related to the alleged incident haven’t been released, nor do they have any information as to when the investigation began. There was also no timetable given for completion of the investigative process.

Even with as little information as we know currently, this is a horrible situation for all involved. While other transgressions that a program faces in the off-season such as I named before aren’t favorable by any means, an alleged incident such as this is an entirely different story altogether.

What also gives it a different feeling is the institution involved.

Now, this is most certainly a reprehensible act no matter where it takes place, or even if it involves a sport or not. But, when something like this is reported to have taken place at one of our country’s service academies, you can’t help but come away with an even harsher sense of how truly bad this situation can be.

Sports aside, in the last few years the majority of our military academies have battled sexual assault situations. Actually, it has been recognized as a growing problem.

Merely just a week ago, President Barack Obama spoke at the Naval Academy graduation and called out service academy commissioners to battle the growing sexual assault issue in our military.

Also of note is that, at this time, Navy superintendent Vice Admiral Michael Miller and head football coach Ken Niumatalolo have not been reached for comment.

This is unfortunately one of those incidents where you hope for the best for everyone involved, however you have to prepare for the worst.


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