Texas' Deloss Dodds Has More Important Things To Worry About Than College Football Playoff

By Corey Elliot
Brendan Maloney-USA Today Sports

The University of Texas has had little to do with the BCS over the past few seasons, and yet athletic director Deloss Dodds is suggesting that an eight-team playoff would better suit his liking.

Let’s hit the brakes for a second.

While it’s nice to be the wealthiest school via revenue, where does the AD for Texas find it a priority to be concerned with what format he prefers for the college football playoff, especially when he may be replacing his head coach in both football and basketball if things don’t change for the better?

Okay, I still find it hard to believe that Mack Brown could be gone after another dismal season, but the wolves are at the door. As for Rick Barnes, well, there has never been a head coach that has done less with more.

By all means, though, Deloss, please enlighten us with your ideas and innovative suggestions to the college football playoff format because if Texas isn’t a part of the exciting change, there will be more than wolves at the door for Texas.

I understand he was simply adding his opinion, but he doesn’t have the leeway to be adding his opinion.

I want to know what he plans to do if the Longhorns have another eight-win season. It just seems to show the lack of concern on the surface in Austin. I want there to be public, openly expressed concern with the program and the future, not with the college football playoff.

This was just something I could have done without. How about getting a 12-plus win season at Texas this fall first, and then let’s go from there?

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