What's Wrong With The SEC And The Big 12 Making over $500 Million?

By Corey Elliot
Kelly Lambert-USA Today Sports Images

While the Big 12 celebrates their record $198 million, the SEC is distributing $289.4 million among their schools, respectively.

This brings to light the issue of college athletes as amateurs and whether or not they deserve compensation. I believe a wise man once said money talks, and the overwhelming answer to that question is yes.

A conference made almost $300 million off of sports that fans attended and supported over the last year. Fans packed stadiums and bought jerseys to support their beloved student-athletes and their school. Once again, the question has surfaced. Should there be a red flag because of the profit the schools have made and the zero dollars that the student-athletes made?

I know the schools will probably put this money into all kinds of good use for their facilities. But what about the athletes and their gratuity? I know the classic “a college education is their reward”, but come on already.

That is like coupons that say “free” and then in fine print it says you must first buy something. I don’t know a good starting place for how the NCAA should look at this and I don’t have any immediate suggestions because it truly is such a difficult debate.

I just wanted to bring to the table the fact that there was over $500 million made between two athletic conferences last season and there was none of that — in the form of money or compensation — was rewarded to the student-athletes.

Just put that in perspective.

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